What Small Business Owners Should STOP Doing to Stay Sane


Date and Time

Tuesday March 5th 2019
Starting @ 1:00 am



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The key to a thriving business is growing profit or the bottom line, not just sales. What if business owners could stop doing unprofitable activities, work less—and make more money? This webinar, presented by professor, author and speaker Dawn Fotopulos, will identify four key areas where the business owner can shift priorities to improve profitability almost right away—while relieving time burden from their daily activities. She will explain why and how you should STOP: Ignoring your financial statements - Learn the basics of reading your profit and loss statement Offering loss leader products or services - Find out how to identify profitable products and services Over-servicing unprofitable customers - Understand who are your profitable and unprofitable customers Ignoring existing customers - Power profits are generated from existing relationships, not new customers. Learn how to grow your high-potential existing customer base to relieve the burden of new customer acquisition.


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